Monday, February 16, 2004

Pete King: Opportunist pt. 1

Pete was on the Sean Hannity Show and said that he believes that "85 percent" of the mosques in the United States have "extremist leadership" In Newsday he reiterated his comments by saying "Most of the Muslim community is cooperating with police and local authorities," King said yesterday. "But 85 percent of the mosques have extremist leadership in this country. Most Muslims, the overwhelming majority of Muslims, are loyal Americans, but they seem unwilling to come forward."
King based his "belief" on unnamed "law enforcement officials."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations pegged King's comments and appearance on Hannity for what it was: PUBLICITY. You see, King has a new novel which was released in January and he needs to boost sales among his fellow-travellers. In his book he makes the same accusations he made on Hannity. The council executive director invited King to meet with local Islamic leaders but of course King does not want to do that. We went through Kings qualifications for the meeting yesterday.

King is willing to smear American Islamic leaders on the vile Sean Hannity Show to make a buck. King likes to play to the far-right while keeping up an "independent" facade to fool voters.

Some reviews of previous King scribblings:
"... propaganda-heavy first novel" Reed Business Information, Inc
"King shouldn't give up his day job" Booklist
"Congressman King has given us a piece of IRA agitprop that Brendan Behan himself wouldn't be able to read with a straight face."
"Straight-faced propaganda, without a hint of irony, a shade of complexity, or a suggestion of depth: If King is looking for a photo-op with Gerry Adams, hes earned it." Kirkus Reviews

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