Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Pete King and his support of terrorism

From a BBC interview:

King: To me terrorism is always wrong, but I think the IRA was a legitimate force that had to be dealt with.

BBC: A legitimate force? It wasn't a terrorist group trying to bomb and blow-up the democratically elected government of a sovereign state? That wasn't terrorism?

King: No, I would say it was a legitimate fight going on in Northern Ireland. Any time a civilian was targeted that was wrong. If you look back over the record, there was probably a greater number of, percentage wise, of civilians killed by the security forces in the world by the IRA. …To me terrorism is if you target civilians.

BBC: That's not the definition of terrorism. Terrorism is using violence to gain political ends.

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flexdream said...

Examples of some cases when the IRA targetted civilians ..

Birmingham, 1974, 21 killed, 182 injured (bombs left in crowded pubs).
La Mon Restauraunt, 1978, 12 killed, 23 injured (All those who died were attending the annual dinner-dance of the Irish Collie Club).
Enniskillen, 1987. 11 killed, 63 wounded (a Remembrance Day parade).
Omagh, 1998, 29 killed, 220 injured (Sinn Fein refused a request from the father of James Barker (a 12 year old boy from Buncrana, county Donegal who was killed in the bomb) to urge people to come forward with information to the RUC/Gardai).

The worrying thing is that Rep King will know of all these attacks, and more.