Thursday, October 21, 2004

An embarassment to the nation: Peter King on the BBC

So we were talking about this earlier this year and now here is the audio to the BBC interview with Peter King from 2003. This interview was pre-Bush-Iraq War and had King attacking "Old Europe" France and Germany. Especially France. King had it out for France in a big way. We are working on a transcript but in teh meantime we present the audio in mp3 format in 3 parts.
Laugh along as the clueless King attacks France about not having an aircraft carrier when in fact they did and the aircraft carrier Charles DeGaulle was assisting the US in operations in Afghanistan.
The interviewer from the BBC seemed to be stunned at each crass and uninformed statement King makes.


King on BBC Part 1

King on BBC Part 2

King on BBC Part 3

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