Wednesday, April 13, 2005

King gets called out

FDR's grandson James Roosevelt jr. recorded a message for King's district.

"Hello, this is James Roosevelt, Jr. My grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, created Social Security because he believed that every American deserves a secure and dignified retirement.
I'm shocked that Congressman Peter King is questioning the patriotism of those who are trying to protect Social Security. The truth: Nothing could be more American than protecting Social Security.
Congressman King, stand up for Social Security. Privatization isn't worth the gamble.
This is James Roosevelt, Jr.."

How did this happen? King doesn't like to be questioned and opposed (MUCH more on this coming up) and he said of those concerned about Social Security "groups such as this have no regard for senior citizens or for their country."
Hmm... So I don't have any regard for this country? How despicable can King get? Well he can get much more despicable. More to come later duirg the week of April 18th. MUCh more.

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