Wednesday, June 15, 2005

King fails to protect EEOC

The EEOC is in place to protect workers from discrimination. As usual, King votes against workers. It would be nice if the unions that support him pay attention to these kinds of votes.

H.AMDT.277 (A030)
Amends: H.R.2862
Sponsor: Rep Jones, Stephanie Tubbs [OH-11] (offered 6/15/2005)
AMENDMENT PURPOSE:An amendment to prohibit funds from being used to close or consolidate any office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or to make any reductions in the number of full-time officers or employees in any such office, or to reduce the number of full-time officers or employees serving as supervisors, management officials, mediators, examiners, investigators, or attorney in such office, as part of any workforce repositioning, restructuring, or reorganizing of the Commission that is authorized under law.
6/15/2005 3:04pm:
Amendment (A030) offered by Mrs. Jones (OH).
6/15/2005 5:33pm:
On agreeing to the Jones (OH) amendment (A030) Failed by recorded vote: 201 - 222 (
Roll no. 256).

---- NOES 222 ---
King (NY)

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