Wednesday, September 28, 2005

King Delay

So Majority Leader, Rep. Tom Delay was indicted today on one count of criminal conspiracy.
Our dear King hasn't had the best relationship with Delay, with Delay's spokesperson saying "Pete King has a reputation as making things up, and this is no different." regarding King saying that "threats were made against me by the Republican leadership," when King made the politically expediant choice of voting No" to Clintons impeachment.
King has voted with Delay 92% of the time otherwise.
King came to Delay's defense last year when the republicans sought to repeal a rule they themselves passed that would require anyone in the leadership to resign their leadership position if they are indicted.
King said on voting for the change in the rules "You shouldn't allow a runaway prosecutor to decide who will be the majority leader,''
The republicans have been lashing out at Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle trying to smear him because he is a Democrat.
The problem is that King like the other republicans in congress have no idea what he is talking about.
Over his entire career, Earle has prosectuted more Democrats than Republicans. High-ranking Democrats at that.
From the Austin-American Statesman:
Past prosecutions by Ronnie Earle
Former state Rep. Betty Denton, D-Waco, 1995
Former state Rep. Lane Denton, D-Waco, 1995
House Speaker Gib Lewis, D-Fort Worth, 1992
Attorney General Jim Mattox, Democrat, 1985
State Treasurer Warren Harding, Democrat, 1982
Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Yarbrough, Democrat, 1978

King calls a Earle who has gone after politicans from all parties a "runaway prosecutor?"

As King was fond of saying "It's unfortunate when people shoot their mouths off and they don't know what they're talking about."

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