Sunday, November 20, 2005

King Votes Against His Constituents

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Citizen Action of New York

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Consumer Group Blasts King for Choosing Republican Leadership Over His Constituents in Budget Vote

Next Up for King: More Tax Cuts for the Rich?
Citizen Action of New York blasted Representative Peter King for siding with the Republican Congressional leadership over the basic needs of his constituents. "With his vote yesterday for $50 billion in cuts to food stamps, student loans, Medicaid and other vital services, Representative Peter King demonstrated that he cares more about catering to the right-wing Republican leadership than the most basic needs of his New York constituents," said Richard Kirsch, Executive Director of Citizen Action of New York.
After approving the budget by a partisan vote of 217 to 215 late last night, the House will now consider a Republican plan to pass $70 billion in tax cuts. "The question now is whether King will also bow down and vote for $70 billion of tax cuts to the rich after voting for $50 billion in budget cuts to working families," Kirsch asked.
The budget bill King voted for includes:
Medicaid: Cuts to New York of $1.4 Billion in federal matching payments.

Child Support Enforcement: Cuts to New York of $303 million in federal matching.

Student Loans: New York's 472,145 student borrowers will face thousands of dollars in increased costs for college.

Food stamps, TANF, child care, Social Security Income (SSI), child welfare, child support enforcement and the Social Services Block were also slashed in the budget. "Last night King turned his back on thousands of working families in his district to help the far right wing of his party pass a bill that puts the interests of the wealthiest Americans ahead of our most vulnerable citizens, Kirsch concluded.

Richard Kirsch
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York Public Policy and Education Fund of New York
94 Central Avenue Albany, NY 12206
(518) 465-4600 X 113 (518) 465-2890 - fax

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