Monday, December 11, 2006

How Much Did King Spend to Win?

Now the number is very high but King did spend some cash on non-campaign items like his car payments.
But for an incumbant in a "safe" district gerrymandered for him, this is alot of money to spend.
According to Open Secrets from a 11/27/06 FEC filing,
King raised $1,478,660 this election cycle.
King spent $2,055,507.
Cash on hand right now is $316,990.
Not being in the majority or a commitee chairman will certainly affect him raising the same cash he has been.
King was so scared, in the last month of the campaign he spent $316,726 on printing alone.
How much did he spend to air tv and radio ads? $1,260,579.
Again, for a "safe" seat King spent more than he has in previous elections combined.
King paid Warfield & Company of Delaplane, VA $24,646 for the production of his ads.
If you saw the ads, you know he over-paid.

More financials as we get them....


Anonymous said...

Yawn...nobody cares Johnny the race is over.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you dont care, why are you on this blog to begin with??? The point is King Peter was forced to spend every penny, money that might have gone to some of his fellow neo con buddies in close races that that he could not give them. Hey, 2 years will pass before you know it and next time King Peter will be shown the door.

MejiasWatch said...

I love how everyone says that King will be gone in "two years". We've heard the same thing in 2000, 2002, 2004, and now 2006. Perhaps it's time just to give up already!

Anonymous said...

hey mejias watch - ever think about letting anyone come on your site to post comments? What ya afraid of????