Monday, October 08, 2007

Blogger Cover Story in Long Island Press

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Peter King Watch

What's the deal? Arguably the most high-profile individual politician-watchdog blog for LI, the Peter King Watch keeps tabs on the headline-prone, lone-Republican U.S. representative in the LI caucus. With no shortage of material, this blog has been recapping and editorializing on the congressman's often eyebrow-raising public statements since posts started in 2004.

Why should you care? The blog has commented on everything from King's rise and fall from chair of the Homeland Security Committee, to protests at his district office in Massapequa, to his skirmishes with the Muslim community (not to mention the angry letter-writing community). Latest entries go beyond King's controversial recent interview when he made his "there are too many mosques in America" comment. Posts also track the congressman's latest votes on important bills in the House. As a sign of the blog's success, there are even anti-King souvenirs for sale on the website. It's not all negative, though. In a show of concern, the blogger posted that he hoped those responsible for placing a pipe bomb outside King's district office would be arrested.

Quotable: "I thank God every night that George Bush is our president."-A King classic that the blogger seems to take joy in reminding readers about regularly"

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Anonymous said...

Why can't you getthe Democrats to fight to get King out of office?