Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maybe No Endorsement of McCain from King?

Well, McCain did say in the past that King was just a blow-hard making provacative statements so Kings recent statement about McCain isn't suprising. But how does King suck it up if McCain is the nominee?
Here is King attacking McCain on torture - "The way Senator McCain has equated waterboarding with torture, the way he seems to equate it with what was done to him in the Hanoi Hilton - to me, it hurts us in the eyes of the world... It shows, really, a lack of familiarity with just how tough this enemy is.”
“I strongly supported John McCain in 2000,” adds the House Homeland Security Committee's ranking Republican. But “what John McCain has said about Guantanamo and waterboarding made me stand with Rudy Giuliani.”

Nice. Tell a guy who was tortured that he doesn't know much about torture and what can be done with torture.
Is King saying that the terrorists (lumping them all in as one) can withstand waterboarding?
If waterboarding is no big deal, maybe King should be strapped down and have water poured into his mouth and then tell us that it isn't torture.

King is far removed from reality and needs to be kicked out of office.


Anonymous said...

SO, is someone going to step up and run against him? They have to start now not wait till August to start running.

Anonymous said...

Why waste their money? No one can beat Pete King.

Anonymous said...

Why do Dems treat King as so unbeatable? If his statements were truly known by the constituents I would think they would be embarrassed he represents us. The South Shore is becoming more moderate and I think there is a chance to unseat him. Look at Israel and McCarthy and their success. Why not on the South Shore?

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