Monday, August 25, 2008

King Forgets Who He Supported for President, Takes Completely Opposite Position

I think it is because King likes to hear himself talk that most times he just says dumb things. In a comment to the NYSun about Senator Joe Lieberman being picked as McCain's VP, King says Lieberman is the right choice "Rep. Peter King, a Long Island Republican, said social conservatives are making a mistake by opposing Mr. Lieberman, arguing that the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee could help deliver Mr. McCain the election in November. While ardent abortion foes have said the "pro-life" principle is too important to give up for the sake of political pragmatism, Mr. King turned the argument on its head, saying that electing an anti-abortion president in Mr. McCain outweighs the risk of a more conservative vice presidential pick that would ultimately lose to Senator Obama in November.
""They would be the ones morally responsible for electing a pro-choice president," Mr. King said of Mr. Lieberman's right-wing critics in an interview with The New York Sun yesterday."

So, King is OPPOSED to elected a pro-choice president.
So why did he support Guiliani for president. Rudy has always been pro-choice.
King wants his party that has very few principles give up on it's remaining principle just like King does just to get elected.

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