Friday, September 19, 2008

King Suddenly Concerned About "Privacy"

The hacking of VP candidates Sarah Palins private e-mail account need to be investigated and the "anonymous" hackers need to be prosecuted.
That being said, I had a chuckle from King's remarks to the NYPost about this "Hacking strikes at the heart of our democracy. You can't go invading someone's privacy that way."
Yes, "hackers" can't invade someones privacy by the government can according to King.
King supports warrentless wiretaps. He believes that the government does not need to follow the law and have just cause to listen in on your phone calls. King also supports provisions in the so-called "Patriot" Act which allows the government to find out what library books you check out.

What "strikes at the heart of our democracy" Peter is the attack on the constitution in the name of "homeland security." An attack you fully support. Don't talk about "privacy" when you have shown little regard for it.

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