Thursday, February 26, 2009

King Goes to Gitmo Part 1; Apples and Oranges Edition

King has an op-ed in today's NYPost extolling the virutes of the Gitmo facility and attacking President Obama for preparing to close it. There are many points to look at in the op-ed so I'll do them bit by bit.

King says that at Gitmo "Detainees at Guantanamo are treated far better than most American prisoners in the US jails and prisons I've inspected over the years."

Umm.. Peter..... the prisoners in US jails have all faced a judge and jury and have been found guilty of a crime. The detainees at Gitmo have not had a trial. That is the problem.
It's fairly simple; have a trial and either find the detainees guilty of terrorist acts or send them back to thier own countries.

Here is a scenario King ought to think about:
When King went to Northen Ireland years ago as an IRA supporter and agitator, he stayed with and spent time with murderers and assorted criminals. If the British forces did a sweep and arrested King along with the other terrorists would King think that it is okay for the British to hold him indefinately without trial?
Would King feel good about languishing in prison for 4 or more years without contact with family and friends or a lawyer to represent him?


Anonymous said...

These prisoners are not protected under our Bill Of Rights or the Geneva Convention. Why? They are
suspected terrorists. Not uniformed enemy soldiers or US citizens charged with a crime.

What rules of engagement do terrorists abide by? The war on terrorism is new frontier. Is it 100% fair to all those prisoners ? Probably not.
But where is the outrage from the liberal media when we suffer acts of terror ,televised tortures and beheadings of our citizens and soldiers??

Get your priorities straight.

God Speed Mr. King!

William Cooke said...

It is too bad that the British didn't decide to hold him forever. It would just be one less terrorist on the streets.