Thursday, April 16, 2009

King Snubbed at Republican Dinner by Newt Gingrich

Last night the NYS Republicans brought out Newt Gingrich at their annual dinner. Newt spoke and had this to say about the NY GOP future "If we had Mayor Giuliani for governor and we had Gov. Pataki for senator, we would be a large step towards the tidal wave which will make 2010 comparable to 1994," he said, referring to the GOP electoral sweep in '94. "That should be our goal."

Hmmm... isn't Peter King the one that has been trumpeting his name as a potential winning senate candidate?
This is one heck of a slight.
Is Newt still holding a grudge against King for calling him "political road-kill" back in the 90's?


dmarks said...

I heard Peter King on the radio today complaining about Obama. Why? Because Obama buddies up with terrorists and murderers.

Anonymous said...

Hope someone tells whoever has voted for King how he is dissed by is own party.

Anonymous said...

Hope someone tells whoever has voted for King how he is dissed by is own party.

Anonymous said...

Poor Peter is jealous by all the Michael Jackson media coverage. Is it because no one knows who the heck he is? Is it because Michael is loved by fans all over the world? Is it because a black man had so much money? Is it because he's a racist? True our service men don't receive this much media coverage, but they weren't known and loved by millions of people. Get over yourself Peter and go do some work. If you don't like the coverage, turn off your television and go do some work!

Kenneth said...

Based on comments King has made about a whole host of people, including his most recent one about Michael Jackson, I think Peter King richly deserves being ignored. Regardless of what he believes, the American judiciary and the decisions rendered by this American institution, should be respected. I guess Mr. King does not have faith in America and her institutions.

Libertarian Girl said...

Personally, I think not being mentioned by Gingrich increases King's chances of getting the nom. No self-respecting Republican would go with Gingrich's choice.

Anonymous said...

you are the most racist person i have ever heard you are a disgrace to congress Micheal Jackson is more of a man than you'll ever be. Elvis Presley is a child molester not Mike u hater

Anonymous said...

peter king is a racist pig how dare he talk about michael jackson being a child molester unless your child was molested keep you narrowminded comments to yourself!!!!

DeliriousJ said...

What a scum talking congressman desperate for any votes he can win over his opponent and using Michael Jackson disgracful defamation to do it.

Did this guy even bother to check his facts? Michael was photographed for 30 minutes -- every square inch of his privates. The photos did not match the kids' descriptions of his genitals. Most importantly the kid's description about MJ being circumcision. Can the LA coroner confirm this for us at some point as well now that an autopsy was done????? Get this scum talking congressman some pills for his misery. Or better yet, get Michael Jackson's Doctor Murray to go help this guy out

Anonymous said...

in reference to United States Congressman Pete Kings Tirade against the deceased Michael Jackson that can be seen on the CNN clip at

July 7. 2009
United States Congressman Pete King
339 Cannon House Office Building • Washington, DC 20515

Congressman King,

I am sure Michael Jackson would have agreed that the media circus focused upon the sensationalism of his death is not nearly as important as the U.S. soldiers who have risked their lives. I do not want to say to protect our country, because it appears to me that soldiers have been illegally ordered to be an offensive force, not by choice, but because of votes by Congressmen such as you.

Mr. Jackson would have agreed with you about too much sensationalism when there are others needlessly suffering in the world. Had he been alive, he most certainly would have asked his fans to help those in need. He was that kind of human being who put
others before himself, always. During his most troubled personal times, when the cards were stacked up against him because of false accusations and never ending legal battles against scumbags who sought to get at his wealth, he never lost his philanthropic and humanitarian spirit. Michael Jackson is well known to have supported the soldiers who have risked their lives, doing his best to comfort many.

Under the Constitution, people are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Michael Jackson was proven innocent in a court of law, yet you cast stones publicly to frame Michael Jackson as a "pervert" and a "lowlife" to advance your hollow agenda. I say hollow because you have not only violated the Constitution as a United States Congressman proclaiming guilt upon Mr. Jackson as if you are the judge and jury, but you are guilty of violating the Constitution for voting to give President Bush the authority to invade a sovereign nation, Iraq, that was no threat whatsoever to the United States. I hereby challenge your supposed support of the soldiers as I judge your votes.

You voted, unconstitutionally, to allow a preemptive aggressive war in which not only 1000's of American soldiers have died for lies, corporate greed and the theft of resources, but hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians have been permanently maimed and many more will suffer mental anguish forever. That is not to mention the million plus Iraqi civilians who died as a result of votes like yours. That is not to mention the Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act and all of the other unconstitutional acts and spending you engage in with your votes. You sir, are a pervert of the Constitution and are the ultimate lowlife.

The fact that you still have the video of your tirade against Mr. Jackson posted on your Congressional homepage during his memorial service, without offering an apology is sickening to me.

Mr. Jackson happened to be one of the greatest humanitarians of all time, even after his death. He gave more to the world and to those in need than perhaps any other individual I can think of off the top of my head. Much more than anything you would ever be capable of doing.

Under the Constitution, you have proven yourself to be a domestic enemy of the United States. I may be way out in California, but I will be using my voice to see that perverts of the Constitution and lowlifes like you who undermine and circumvent the Constitution be banned from office by way of the ballot box.

Greg Chamberlain