Sunday, September 19, 2004

King of the Flip-Flops

In 2000, King supported Bush then supported McCain then supported Bush again. When defending his support of McCain, King was very adament in his opposition to Bush. Now he loves him. What happened?
Here is King on CNN's Crossfire from Feb 21, 2000:

"... First of all, I have left Governor Bush for a number of reasons. The Bob Jones University was the final one.
But actually, going back to last year when he said that he didn't know whether Jews get into heaven during the debates -- the early debates where he showed really a lack of expertise on foreign policy, where he also said several weeks ago he looked upon the nation of Islam, which is anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-white, as being an organization which espoused universal principles such as love thy neighbor.
And then finally, yes, the trip to Bob Jones University, which is anti-Catholic and is anti-black, and he went there not just as a campaign stop-in, but he commenced his campaign there, he held hands and sang songs with them. He made that be the centerpiece of his campaign and put his stamp of approval on a school which is anti- Catholic, and as a Catholic I greatly resent that, and as an American and as a Republican I really resent that being infused into the campaign."

King even goes so far as to elude that Bush is a bigot
"As for myself, I have a 100 percent Christian Coalition rating, so I am not going to support anyone who is bigoted."

When pressed by co-host Mary Matalin, King continued his attack on Bush saying,
"In fact, Mary, Governor Bush has never denounced the policies. What he says is that he doesn't agree with the policy on interracial dating, and he says that his brother has become a Catholic. That's like saying, you know, some of my best friends are Jews and some of my best friends are blacks. The fact is he had the opportunity when he was there at Bob Jones and didn't say a word in denouncing their policies at all, and as a Republican I find that offensive."

And what did King say to CNN's Carol Lin that same morning?
"... I think he was so desperate to be elected in South Carolina that he was willing to run the risk of speaking at a bigoted school. And to me, that shows a clear lack of judgment and also, quite frankly, a lack of moral compass."

So according to King, Bush's actions are "offensive," that he lacks a moral compass and is a bigot.

Wow, you would wonder how King could support Bush now.


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