Friday, September 24, 2004

Pete is Geographically Challanged

Now we all know that Peter King is rather slow-witted and quite frankly doesn't know much about the rest of the world except for Northern Ireland. So when King was on with Gabe Pressman on WNBC September 5th, King was trying to rattle off those countries who are behind Bush on his war on Iraq and kinda missed that one of his countries isn't a country. King said "Rep. KING: Was Chirac ever our friend? We have Tony Blair, we have Poland, we have the Czech Republic, we have Bavaria, we have Italy..."

We can assume King was substituting "Tony Blair" for England but the curious name here is "Bavaria." You see, "Bavaria" is a state in Germany. Sure Bavaria has a "President" but is it still a state. The "President" of Bavairia is like a governor.

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