Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Letters to Newsday About King

Watching King's Medicaid vote - Newsday Jan. 24th
Some politicians, like my congressman, Peter King, think they can say one thing and do another. King repeatedly claims concern for senior citizens in letters he sends us. But when the House of Representatives considered the budget bill that would cut Medicaid that thousands of elderly depend on, he voted for it.

Fortunately, the Senate version of this legislation is much kinder to senior citizens, so King may get a second chance. When the final version of this bill is announced, many older Long Islanders will be interested in how it treats seniors and in how King and his colleagues vote.
James E. Stubenrauch

Punishment fordonating money - Newsday Jan 26th
I found your Jan. 17 article ["Unions launch ad campaign aimed at budget-cutting bill," Newsday.com] of great interest and it made me think of an adage: No good deed goes unpunished. It seems to me that this is what the Congress was thinking of when it came up with a budget bill. As it stands, if you gave money to your church, contributed to hurricane relief or helped your grandchildren with their college tuition, you could be penalized should you need Medicaid to cover expensive long-term care. The government will go back through your records and deny you care based on the amount you gave to these causes. This sure sounds wrongheaded to me.
The good news is that in February Congress can still reject this budget bill. I hope my fellow constituents will join me in urging Rep. Peter King to vote against this budget bill.
Paula Orlando

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