Monday, January 09, 2006

More Love Between King and Constituents

From the Bellmore (Long Island) Faculty Organization Retiree page.

PETER KING: Congressman Peter King from Seaford has been incurring the wrath of many of his constituents. King's responses to voters who challenge his support of administrative policies have been questionable. Harry Halikias, a graduate of the Bellmore schools and a current resident of Bellmore, contacted King's office requesting that President Bush be censured. King's reply included the statement "You are morally, intellectually, and politically wrong." Halikias was shocked by King's tone, responding, "I think he took it personally when he didn't have to. I didn't question his morality or intellect." A Newsday article on June 30, 2005, quoted King as saying, "I think they [his constituents] should be honored they have a congressman who actually listens to them---even if they are not making sense. I respond to them and they run crying to the newspapers. It's just like the kid who's a wise punk, and then when someone takes a shot at them, they go running to the teacher." Is this how a congressman talks? During the ARA Convention in Washington, D.C. on September 8, a group of our RC 17 (Retiree Council 17) members (who had a confirmed appointment to meet with the congressman) was told to leave King's office because staff members had already spoken to other Long Island individuals (who were not part of RC 17 and did not have an appointment). King's staff literally slammed the door shut on these people. What's going on here?

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