Thursday, March 23, 2006

Increasingly Unstable

King is up to his old antics again, charging full on attacking like a whirling dervish.
There has been opposition to Kings proposed anti-immigration bill most recently from Senator Hillary Clinton
who said yesterday "It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures, This bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."
The problem Senator Clinton and many in the religious community see is that under the proposed law, anyone assisting an illegal alien would be subject to criminal charges. A soup kitchen or outreach program would be in trouble if they help someone here illegally.

This is not about the illegal immigrant issue but about helping those that are here.

King in his usual bluster, sounding as unstable as ever responded "I hope Hillary's a better senator than a theologian. She's facilitating clerics who have a martyrdom complex and slandering good people such as myself. She's actually an accessory to a slander and a calumny."

Wow. Even a basic understanding of christian doctrine would be enough to know that helping the poor and less fortunate is a basic tenent.
King lashes out at members of the clergy who are doing good deeds. Instead of debating on the issue, King says catholic leaders "should spend more time protecting little boys from pedophile priests."
He tells the NYTimes "This is the left wing of the Catholic Church — these are the frustrated social workers," said Mr. King, who described himself as a practicing Catholic. "They're giving an incentive for more illegals to come here. I don't think it's right."
King is a "practicing catholic?" If he were a "practicing catholic" and knew anything about the church, other than opposition to abortion and gay marriage, the catholic church tenents are unabashedly socially liberal. Kings attacks on Clinton about theology shows he hasn't the first clue about the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels and his disciples in the New Testament.

King pulled the same thing when the catholic church came out in opposition of the Bush-Iraq War and spoke out about torture and abuse at Abu Gharib prison "If there's anyone in the world who has no right to speak on sexual abuse, it's the Vatican. This is the height of hypocrisy." Exactly how is that an excuse for what happened at the prison?

King complains of being slandered but has no problem doing it unto others. What was that in Luke about doing unto others again? Perhaps the theologian, practicing catholic King knows.
He also uses the $2 word "calumny." Does he know what that means? King said "slander and a calumny." Just for the record, "calumny" is just another word for slander. King just wants to sound like he knows big words.

The funny part of this whole thing is that King supported an amendment that would have gotten rid of the felony provision but then turned around and voted for the legislation after the amendment failed.


Anonymous said...

Congressman King has forgotten more than you will ever hope to know.

LImom said...

I support a bill of any kind that will prosecute anyone who hires and pays illegal immagrants. It is against the law to live in this country illegally.

LImom said...

support Peter Kings bill...stop illegal immagrants from using tax payers resources...they are the reason health insurance is sky rocketing as well as our taxes...there is a way to help them by helping them become citizens...we don't have to stop helping them become documented and pay taxes

Anonymous said...

This website is getting a lot of attention from the standard grade republican racists. King must be more afraid of a challenge than most thought.

Peter King is a racist and a xenophobe that wants to lock up priests that help the poor. Now the church has a "left wing"? Jesus was a liberal. Don't forget it.

Sulayman said...

King seems quite anti-Catholic. In 2004, he was on Bill O'Reilly's radio show, saying the church should keep out of politics and not put any sort of pressure on politicians. This despite him being a Catholic. He somehow managed to criticize the church and John Kerry, I think.

TimJ said...

to li mom

A big problem is we have laws that encourage iillegal immigration over legal immigration. Its so hard for those who want to come to the country to get into the country legally. We basically have laws that are similar to the laws of the early 1900's that were put in place to keep certain groups out (namely italians and eastern Europeans. Laws that basically said that immigration was based off the % of immigrants who entered the country prior to 1880 from that country (which limited Italians and Eastern Curopeans because very few of them were in the country prior to then. We also have the need for the non-skilled labr in this country, something current legal immigration doesn't allow for.

King's bill is just the extreme of the extreme, It basically shows how far to the right and how extreme Peter King really is. It really deoes nothing to combat the problem of illegal immigrants. It simply punishes them as well as the people who help them. Its almost to the point of the laws during the Slavery era durng the mid 1800's that not only punished slaves who escaped, but those who helped them. this bill is just asinine & utterly extreme.

in order to curtail the illegal immigration, we need to bring them more into or society , not shove them down even further into the underground. We also need programs that made legal immigration easier so we have more people entering the country legally instead of illegaly.