Friday, March 24, 2006

King vs. Catholics

Looks like King is escalating the war of words against the catholic church over his immigration bill. Now keep in mind that bi-polar Pete has said he will work to change the law to strike the felony for aid groups like the catholic for helping illegal immigrants.
King is trying to counter Sen. Clinton invoking chistian doctrine by saying catholic bishops "should spend more time protecting little boys from pedophile priests." and
"Stopping alien smuggling gangs is doing God's work. These people who are supposed to be speaking for God, saying this [the bill] is a sin, and they should go to confession,"
The fact is the complaints about the bill aren't about "smuggling gangs." King knows this but is trying to distract from the real issue.
Bishop Thomas Wenski, of Orlando, Fla is rightly offended that Kings only retort to his critics is to bring up the child molestation probelms in the catholic church. While that certainly is an issue to be dealt with, invoking it in this debate is as Bishop Wenski says "To content himself at taking cheap shots at the bishops shows that he is unable to engage us on the issues - because his position defies logic and certainly does not represent the 'compassionate conservatism' of his party's leader,"

Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles and Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio have both said they would not "obey any laws that criminalize illegal aliens or the social service providers who help them."

In the New York Daily News, King escalates his rhetoric by saying "The Catholic Church is being totally fraudulent on this. If Cardinal Mahony spent as much time turning over information on pedophile priests as telling priests to violate the law on this, California would be a lot better than it is today.....They're being totally un-Christian because they're talking about this being an evil bill, a meanspirited bill, that we're doing all this as subterfuge to lock them up.... Now, we could lock them up for other reasons - with what they did with pedophilia and what they did to abuse kids in Catholic schools, we could have locked them up years ago."
Is King making vague threats about locking the Bishop and cardinal up? Is he trying to shut them up on this issue?

Cardinal Mahony in a NY Times op-ed stated the issue pretty clearly which is why King is so afraid and can only go on the attack. Mahony writes "Some supporters of the bill have even accused the church of encouraging illegal immigration and meddling in politics. But I stand by my statement. Part of the mission of the Roman Catholic Church is to help people in need. It is our Gospel mandate, in which Christ instructs us to clothe the naked, feed the poor and welcome the stranger. Indeed, the Catholic Church, through Catholic Charities agencies around the country, is one of the largest nonprofit providers of social services in the nation, serving both citizens and immigrants.

Providing humanitarian assistance to those in need should not be made a crime, as the House bill decrees. As written, the proposed law is so broad that it would criminalize even minor acts of mercy like offering a meal or administering first aid.

Current law does not require social service agencies to obtain evidence of legal status before rendering aid, nor should it. Denying aid to a fellow human being violates a law with a higher authority than Congress — the law of God.

That does not mean that the Catholic Church encourages or supports illegal immigration. Every day in our parishes, social service programs, hospitals and schools, we witness the baleful consequences of illegal immigration. Families are separated, workers are exploited and migrants are left by smugglers to die in the desert. Illegal immigration serves neither the migrant nor the common good."

So when King invokes "Gods work" as something the bill does, he is just trying to change the subject. King can't debate the issue so he goes on the attack.

This isn't the first time he has attacked religious people because they disagree with him. During the Social Security debate he said of an an inter-faith group of religous leaders that opposed privitization "God forgive them for they know not what they do. I base my decision on facts, reason and informed social conscious and not left-wing pseudo-theology."

King has a history of going on the attack when cornered by his own ignorance. The self-styled pugilist likes a fight. The problem for himn is that he keeps landing blows on himself.

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