Friday, February 23, 2007

Does Newsday Read This Site?

We took a small break and came back to an e-mail from a good friend of this blog saying Rick Brand on Newsday's SpinCycle blog on the 22nd reported about a possible early opponent to King.
Funny thing is we did the story 3 weeks ago and that has been the top post here while we've been away.
Here is Newsday's post..

A North Massapeaqua business consultant has formed an exploratory committee to run against Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford).

Bill Corrigan, 36, has filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission. He's looking to run, not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an independent candidate who would allow voters to decide how he should vote -- by computer referendum, on his Web site.

Corrigan describes himself as a moderate who was raised Democrat but now leans more Republican, saying, “It kind of puts me all over the map.” He said he computer program which will list pending bills to be public reaction “could be the beginning of a political renaissance.”

Rick Brand"

And here is the link to the King Watch post 3 weeks ago.
" King Gets First '08 Challenger

No, it's not one of the Daves. Massapequa resident Bill Corrigan is looking to throw his hat into the ring for '08.
Corrigan has a blog and made an announcement there and at that he has formed an exploratory committee for a third party or independent run.

The first blog post says "The Bill Corrigan Congressional Exploratory Committee organized in accordance with the Federal Election Commission's Guidelines.
We will be conducting much more research and are looking for smart, honest folks who want to join the committee.
We will be focusing intently on economics, polling and surveys, quantitative analysis and marketing. We are hoping to also develop a systems design team and welcome college and gradute students!"

I haven't found any committee listing with the FEC but we'll have the info when it comes available."

Where did Brand find out about Corrigans run?
I credited because that is where I heard about it.

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