Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Peter King the Puppet

From our friends over at Nasty Letters...

'Q&A: New homeland security chairman gets tough with Bush administration
Q. Will you expect the committee to be more active than it was under your predecessor, New York Republican Rep. Peter King?
A. Absolutely. I think that what I saw former chairman King subjected to was a micro-managed chairmanship by the Republican leadership. He couldn’t really bring any legislation forward without being told, chapter and verse, what it had to include.'

New Homeland Security Committee Chair Bennie Thompson makes public something we've all suspected for some time: for all his rhetoric about being an independent-minded Congressman, when push comes to shove, Peter King takes his marching orders from George W. Bush and Co. When Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer came to campaign for Dave Mejias last fall, he claimed that as Homeland Chair, a Democrat from Mississipi (Thompson) would do a better job protecting New York than Peter King:

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This still does not excuse Kings complete lack over oversight as Chairman.

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Friend of Bill's said...

As much as one might like Congressman King or how well intentioned he thinks he is, his performance over his past few terms is not one that would keep him employed had he held a private sector job. We are his employers...time to let him go.