Sunday, April 22, 2007

King Campaign Contributions a Net Loss

From our friend over at Nasty Letters...

"In the crucial test of political fund-raising, Peter King flunked out this quarter. He reports a low $99,005 in receipts, with $115,700 spent, for a grand ANEMIC total of -$16,695. That's right, he LOST MONEY this quarter!
Granted, some of the expenses doubtless relate to tying up the '06 Campaign. But still, for a newly competitive district, King did not raise impressive numbers this quarter. Perhaps most significantly, he currently has only $287,090 Cash on Hand. At this point in the
last election cycle, King was showing $776,990. In other words, he's down $489,900 from this time two years ago, or nearly $500 K.
From a progressive standpoint a strong challenge to King, such as a Dave Mejias rematch, can go head to head on fund raising. King's '06 victory, despite being down in numerous polls, can at least partially be attributed to his 2 to 1 spending advantage; he spent over $2.1 Million in the '06 Cycle. This time around, unless he ups his game hardcore, he won't be so lucky."


Anonymous said...

How does a double digit loss during a landslide Democrat year equal a newly competitive district??

Anonymous said...

Well, King went from winning with 72% in 2002 down to 56% this year and he spent hundreds of thousands more than he did in 2002.
King practically emptied his campaign cofers to win.
And now he has a 2008 website up already.
The district is competitive now.

Anonymous said...

District won't be competitive unless King leaves. He won by double digits in a Dem-tsunami year. Denenberg will run in '08 and he'll probably get 40%.