Monday, July 02, 2007

King Lets Slip that Bush is a Little Nuts

In a Washington Post article about how bad things are going for Bush, King thinking he is helping makes Bush look like a nut.

"King, the GOP congressman, introduced him backstage to a soldier injured in one eye. Bush teared up and asked the young man to take off his dark glasses so he could see the wound, King recalled. "Human instinct is when someone has a serious injury to look the other way," King said. "He actually asked him to take them off. He actually touched the eye a little. It was almost as if he felt he had to confront it.""

Who asks to see a wound and then wants to touch it?
Maybe a curious child?
Looking the other way is one extreme and wanting to touch a wound is another extreme.

20 years ago, I injured my eye and had to wear an eye patch for 4 months. I don't believe anyone asked other than my doctor asked to see the eye. Much less touch it.
I had a "Out of Order" sign on the patch and even that casual attitude towards my injury didn't encourage anyone to ask me to take that patch off.

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