Monday, July 23, 2007

Moving on Up?

Is King leaving his Massapequa Park office for greener pastures?
Where will he locate his office?


Anonymous said...

"Keeping tabs on NY Congressman Peter King. We are watching and reporting."

Yeah, but apparently no one else is - nobody goes to your site!

I guess if this keeps you from becoming a lone gunman - that's fine.

Enjoy yourself.

Tim said...

if "nobody" goes to this site, and you just posted a comment, that must mean youse a nobody! zing!

actually, i read this site regularly, as do many other party activists. i also have a blog about wingnut peter king,

and no, i have no intention of becoming a lone gunmen. i'm not as pathetic as a troll who has nothing better to do than detract from someone performing their civic duty.