Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Peter King for U.S. Senate


Here's a letter I wrote a few years ago to the Massapequa Post and I make note of why he is unsuited for the Senate.

"As we teeter on the precipice of war, a healthy debate is necessary. Opposing views must be aired and be heard. Our elected officials have a duty to listen to their constituents whether they agree or not. Here on Long Island all the representatives voted for the Iraq resolution. All but one are willing to listen to voices of opposition. A national effort was undertaken a couple of weeks ago by antiwar groups to have people lobby their representatives to choose peace over war. Rep. McCarthy invited her constituents into her office to explain her positions and listen to theirs. While they may have had differing opinions, a civil, courteous discussion resulted.

There was a different story at the Massapequa Park office of Rep. Peter King. Instead of meeting with his constituents who offered an opposing view, he called the police to make them leave. Let me repeat that: Peter King called the police on his constituents. He claims that he does not want to be a part of "undermining the president." I would like to know how airing opposing views on the reasoning behind war is "undermining." How does meeting with constituents do any harm? Peter King serves at the pleasure of his constituents. They are to be heard, not ignored or arrested for trying to speak with him in the office they pay for. Cowering in his office from opposing views and hiding behind a skewed idea of patriotism is not serving his district well. King has said he is interested in gaining a seat in the senate which is, above all, a deliberative body. His inability to consider opposing views is not well suited for that job."

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Anonymous said...

King knows it is a woman’s seat now but is running interference for someone who recently ran interference for him.