Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Umm.. Peter... So Far, You Lose; New Poll Shows King Losing Senate Race

King is doing his best to raise his profile by going on as many news shows as possible and bashing Caroline Kennedy, the possible replacement for Hillary Clinton. Problem is, not only does King look like a jerk, in a new poll his unpopularity is only matched by his anonymity amongst New York Voters.
A Public Policy Polling poll(opens as .pdf) shows "King has decent favorability numbers for someone who’s not a major statewide figure. 34% of voters see him positively while 26% have a negative opinion. A 40% plurality has no opinion at this point in time."

After being in the news so often not just Caroline-bashing but hogging as much spotlight on Homeland Security issues for years you would think King would be better known and have higher favorability numbers.
King gets clobbered by Andrew Cuomo in the poll and Kennedy beats him too. "Cuomo, it appears, would be an easy winner against King. He leads him 48-29 in a hypothetical pairing, and that’s with only 35% of black voters pledging to support him at this very preliminary stage. Kennedy only edges King 46-44. She loses a full quarter of the Democratic vote at this point in time and also has a 15 point gap among independent voters."

Two things... Obama comes in for Cuomo, Cuomo takes 99% of black vote. Cuomo wins NYC and surrounding areas plus a few upstate counties. Game over.
For Kennedy, Democrats won't be pulling the lever for King no matter how much he flogs his almost 40 year old "blue-coller" background.

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