Monday, March 08, 2004

A letter in the Long Island Press

This was published one year ago about King and his hatred of France. Pete was upset that France was not doing what the Bush wanted and King made his displeasure known. Pete cancelled his trip to Paris and took pot-shots at "old Europe" every chance he got.

We are also transcribing a hilarious BBC Radio interview with King to be posted shortly.

Long Island Press
March 7, 2003

C'est What?

George W. Bush suffered another blow against his war when Turkey
could not be bought and they voted against being the second front.
This slap in the face is similar to the one delivered by France and
Germany. Rep. Peter King along with local and national patriots have
taught France and Germany a lesson by slapping them back. . The
unstoppable Mr. King took a stand and will not grace the City of
Lights with his presence. France has been downgraded from 2nd to 3rd
rate nation. French wine? Make mine Night Train sez the flag-draped
Mr. King. He'll have Freedom Fries with his hamburger... oops Patriot
Patty. Only Silver Dollar Pancakes at IHOP, none of that French
Appeasement Toast. Mr. King will no longer watch his Special Edition
DVD of Grease in a boycott of Frenchy (Didi Conn unavailable for
comment.) Now it is Turkey's turn. It'll be All-American Ham (not the
Black Forest kind) USAHeroes hold the dijon mustard and add extra
mayo. Thanksgiving 2003 will have Patriot Poultry or Fore-Fathers Fowl
as it's main course. The bird whose claim to fame is a chopping block
every november will suffer unspeakably. Good Ally Australian Lamb can
take your place, Mr. Gobble. A word to the wise from Peter King; you
better watch out Chile, get on his wrong side and no more baby back,
baby back ribs.

John Rennhack