Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Why now Peter?

It's intersting that the only times King has spoken about the muslim threat in local mosques has been in reference to his book. There are no House floor speeches nor any press interviews that make mention of this troubling finding he made.
Back on November 9th, just over a month before the release of his latest snooze-fest, King was on with Gabe Pressman on WNBC and only got to the threat when Pressman asked about his book. If this was such an important matter why does King wait until after he wrote a book and starts a press tour to let us know there is a problem?
Simple: King just wants to sell books.

The exchange started like this
"PRESSMAN: What about the book that you had just published or are about to publish? What's it called?

Rep. KING: Oh, book coming out in January called "Veil of Tears." It's a novel based on a terrorist attack in New York in the next several years, and it goes back and forth between the future and September 11th. "

And after a little banter:

Rep. KING: Well, it's one of those things. Actually, what I am trying to show in the book, to make a long story short, the--that there is a threat, I believe, in our country from Islamic fundamentalism which because of political correctness we're not addressing. And you can talk to police, FBI--they will tell you they're getting very little cooperation from the Muslim community in this country. And I think this is something that's a time bomb that's ready--it's going to go off someday.

PRESSMAN: You mean, there are Muslims with American citizenship who are going to blow up the country?

Rep. KING: Oh, there's no doubt there are fifth columns in this country, there are sleeper cells in this country. And we're not getting a level of cooperation that we should be getting from the Muslim community. And I can--you can ask any police chief, police commissioner--they'll tell you the same thing. I think it's something that we should address. Not that they would be supporting us, but they're willing to look the other way. They're just not cooperating with the police. Listen, let's--we know that there are sleeper cells. We know that, for instance, the first World Trade Center--there were people in--you know, from New York involved in it and New Jersey. And there's--it's something we really have to be concerned about.

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