Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Opportunist pt. 2

King's claim to fame as in "independent" is his vote against President Bill Clintons impeachment. Now why would a hard-core, right-wing republican do such a thing? Because he stuck his finger in the air, checked the way the wind was blowing and made his decision. Plus King needed Clinton for his pet project: Ireland.
In 1996 Bill Clinton won the 3rd congressional district with 52% of the vote. Even going into the impeachment in 1998, Bill Clinton topped out with a 72% approval rating. To curry favor with President Clinton, King even called Newt Gingrich "... roadkill on the highway of American politics."
It's all about what is best for Peter King and how can Peter King get what he wants. King came out in support of local muslims but when it is time to sell his book, he turns on them.

Up next: Election 2000

No one trusts Peter King:
"Pete King has a reputation as making things up, and this is no different."- Republican leaderTom Delay

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