Sunday, April 18, 2004

King and the Shame of Nassau County

In 2002 King sponsered a bill that would name a Federal Courthouse after disgraced and defeated Sen. Al D'Amato. The first thought any one would have about this would be "D'Amato should be tried in that courthouse, not have it named after him." But alas, the deed was done.
The naming of a courthouse or any federal building should be reserved for men and woman of disticntion, not a criminal like D'Amato.
For a rundown of D'Amato and his illicit dealings see this site and this site and if you can still get it try the great book by Leonrad Lurie.

D'Amato nimbly slipped out of prosecutors hands while a Senate Ethics investigation found D'Amato to be a crafty criminal of the lowest caliber. When asked for a release of D'Amatos etchics committee testimony, the committe defers to D'Amato and D'Amato refuses to authorize thier release. Why is that?

King embarrassed Long Island by sponsering this naming. Right now there are men and women being convicted in a courthouse named after a man who should be thier cellmate.

A great article about D'Amato can be found here

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