Sunday, April 04, 2004

Why does King lie?

Really now, it's so easy to prove the incredible lies King spreads everytime he speaks. On a WNBC interview with Gabe Pressman King defends Bush's actions regarding the 9/11 Commision by saying
"... But this administration has complied enormously with the September 11th Commission, turning over millions of pages of documents."

Let's be real here. Bush OPPOSED the creation of the commission and then opposed extending the commission deadline. Then Bush refused to let Rice testify in public under oath citing a bogus precedent about presidential advisors not testifying. Oops... there have been many instances where this has happend and it turns out as far back as the Pearl Harbor investigation.
The Bushies have stonewalled investigators by refusing to hand over relevant documents and then when it looks like the popular "Clinton did nothing" myth is about to be shattered, the Bushies refuse to release Clinton papers that Clinton agreed to release.
Now part of the bargain to "let" Rice testify under oath and in public, Bush will meet with the panel in private and not under oath and holding hands with Cheney. Before Bush was only going to meet (not "testify") with the co-chairs and then withthe whole panel but for only an hour.
Is this "complying enormously?" We think not. Maybe King woul dliek to take this opportunity to revise his ridiculous remarks.

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