Friday, April 02, 2004

King is just wrong as usual

From CNN
"And also this is the media swirl involving Dick Clarke. And the media has given him such a free ride, because he has not made one factual allegation that backs up his case whatsoever. I think it's really been pretty disgraceful the way the media has given him this free ride."

So if as King says, Clarke has not made "one factual allegation" then that means Clarke lied under oath. Why not be the first in the well of the House to call for perjury charges? Let's see King request the Justice Department file charges. This CNN interview as on March 30th and still no perjury charges have been filed against Clarke. We wonder why.
So far every accusation from Clarke has been supported.
The lack of urgency Clarke spoke of is actually backed up by Bush's own words in the Bob Woodward book "Bush at War." The book was hailed by the Bushies as being completely accurate.
WOODWARD (page 39): [Bush] acknowledged that bin Laden was not his focus or that of his national security team. “There was a significant difference in my attitude after September 11. I was not on point…I didn’t have that sense of urgency, and my blood was not nearly as boiling.”

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