Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Challenge to the King

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It looks like there will be a serious candidate in 2006 to oppose King. While well-intentioned, the last two opponents of King had no real experience in the political arena and it showed.
A poll conducted by Suffolk Leg. David Bishop and the DCCC had King beating Bishop 55-37 (a better margin than the last two elections) but when linked to Bush, the numbers flip 55-38 for Bishop. King is on the wrong side of many issues and when constituents see that, they turn on him.
Because there was a lack of enthusiasm by fellow LI representatives to step up and help, Bishop dropped out. Yes it's true Caroline McCarthy, Steve Isreal and Tim Bishop don't have an easy time getting re-elected considering the party registration in thier districts, but they really haven't tried to help King challangers. Newsday reports "Without firm assurances that the committee would assist Bishop in raising at least "$1.5 million and technical support," Schaffer said he advised Bishop not to mount a challenge.Bishop declined to comment yesterday, except to say, "I'm disappointed because I know I could have beaten him."
King in all his arrogance says "I was not that concerned but, having said that, I always take every race seriously," The fact is, King doesn't campaign. he barely spends any funds he has raised on campaign materials. He opens a campaign office, makes a few signs and some bumper stickers and sits back while under-funded Democratic candidates try to get name recognition.
Bishop was a real challenger because his 12 year legislative record is impeccable, he has a high name recognition and he was willing to fight.
King took a quick slap at anyone who tried to pick up the torch by saying "It is unfortunate whoever runs will be the second choice."
There wasn't a "choice" since no one declared. King is trying to denegrate the person who does declare.
Which brings us to Nassau Leg. Dave Mejias. A thrity-five year old attorney who just one re-election in a hotly contested race in a republican "strong-hold" has been approached to run. Mejias went to DC on friday to meet with NY lawmakers and DNC officals. Mejias tells Newsday "Right now, I'm considering it very seriously."
Mejias' re-election race was the one King cited when trying to make a point about how close control of the Nassau Legisalture was and how it wasn't such a bad night for republicans "Things are going well for the Democrats. Denis Dillon’s defeat was a blow, but the Republicans came within 400 votes of taking the legislature. There’s no doubt it went to the Democrats, but it wasn’t an earthquake.”
Problem with that is, after re-canvasing districts and finding shall we say anomolies in some election districts, Mejias almost doubled his margin of victory. And that victory was again in a heavily republican district on a race where the Nassau PBA threw alot of money out to defeat Mejias and his opponent had high name recognition.
Mejias is a very smart lawmaker and a great public speaker who unlike King is not afraid to talk to his constituents.
Mejias has already be out front on an issue very important to the 3rd CD. He along with other local leaders lashed out at a plan in Washington DC to cut the mortage interest deduction and getting rid of them for state and local taxes. Because the home prices are so high in Nassau, cutting the mortgage interest deduction will affect homeowners in the worst way. Mejias said "The proposal is a classic example of shifting wealth from the middle class to the wealthy by funding tax cuts for the wealthy through elimination of tax breaks for the middle class... The rich have capital gains tax cuts and the AMT cut, and the middle class loses its greatest tax breaks - the local real estate tax and mortgage interest write offs."
Where is King on this issue? MIA.
While Mejias has voted on local legislation to help the working people in Nassau, King has voted against his constituents over and over again.

So how will this play out if Mejias does opt to run?
He needs money. Lots of money. As of the end of september, King has $863,921 cash on hand. When the election season picks up, King will be bringing in more cash.
Mejias - or any candidate - needs to raise alot of cash fast.
This race is winnable and it's time King went back to Seaford.

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