Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Minimum wage, workplace safety and social security should be included as national priorities

FARMINGDALE – Dave Mejias, Democratic candidate for Congress in New York ’s 3rd Congressional District, observes Labor Day by calling for a national commitment to working families. As a Nassau County Legislator, Dave Mejias has championed labor issues; his record is in sharp contrast to his opponent Peter King’s record. Mejias believes a national commitment to labor in this country is necessary for a national minimum wage increase, continued workplace safety and the protection of Social Security.

“I have stood up for hard working families, and it’s time Washington does the same,” said Mejias. “Peter King and George Bush have turned their backs on hard working people. Instead of increasing the minimum wage, making health care affordable, maintaining workplace safety codes and securing social security they have given tax cuts to the wealthiest and special breaks to corporations making it harder for working families to make ends meet.”

Peter King’s voting record proves he has turned his back on working families:

King voted YES on HR 653, which resulted in nearly $40 billion in spending cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, student aid, child support enforcement and other working family programs.

King votes YES on HR 3010, which would have cut critical funds for job training and employment services, college aid, elementary and secondary education programs and rural health funding.

King voted YES on HR 525, which would exempt health plans from state consumer protection rules and offer minimal health plans to younger workers.

King and the Republican controlled Congress have prevented an increase in the minimum wage for over 9 years. Under current law, a full time worker earning minimum wage in the United States makes $10,700 a year, almost $6,000 below the poverty line for a family of three.

King supports of the Bush plan to privatize Social Security (The New York Sun, 3/14/05)

Dave Mejias has the voting record to match his rhetoric. Mejias authored legislation to protect the rights of domestic workers, voted for the living wage bill that increased the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour for workers doing business with Nassau County , and fought to eliminate gender based pay inequity for 911 operators in Nassau County . Mejias earned the State AFL-CIO endorsement last month in the 3rd Congressional race; it was the first the AFL-CIO had ever endorsed King’s opponent


Anonymous said...

So are we going to get any polls from you Johnny? If the National Journal has John Sweeney's race ranked #20 and he is up about 18% points then what is Peter King up, 28-32%?

Give us something to go on, or are you just going to continue to blow smoke up our collective asses?

politics64 said...

Great Post, I cross posted this on my Blog, The NY and LI Progressive Political Post. Please visit at
I am also interested to see if there are any polls out on this race. You can also contribute to Dave Mejias through my Actblue page politics64 for a new poitics06.

Tim said...

you seem to be missing the point entirely. A site like this exists to gin up support for challengers to King, such as Mejias. The best thing for you to do right now would be to make your own darn blog with a bunch of reasons why the rubber stamp hack that is peter king deserves to stick around.
beyond that, polls right now mean nothing. one, because it's two months out, and two, because we have no way of knowing who will actually show up to the polls on election day.
with so many non-partisan political analysts such as charlie cook predicting major R losses, this could be a tidal wave year.
I sure hope so, because I'm sick of Peter King acting as a lapdog to the worst president in history.

Anonymous said...

If by working hard for the working family does Dave Mejias mean raising taxes?

Directly from NIFA Reports

Tom Suozzi has decided to break his “No further property tax increase“ pledge he made in 2002 when he raised property taxes by roughly 20%.

In Nassau County’s most recent proposal to close the 2007 projected deficit of $170 million dollars Tom Suozzi will raise property taxes not by the 1.9% per year as originally planed, but by 3.9% PER YEAR for the next three years. That’s almost another 12% between 2007 and 2009.

By the time Tom Suozzi leaves office he would have raised property taxes by roughly 33% with a high probability of the County still having an operating deficit, as it will this year. As NIFA stated in its October 2005 evaluation of the new 4 year plan:

……”FY 2005 - FY 2009, which includes the County Executive’s intention to implement annual property tax, increases of 3.9% beginning in FY 2007. These increases are much larger than the increases proposed in the Adopted Plan, which only called for a 1.5% increase in 2007 and a 1.9% increase in 2008.” It’s hard to believe that Suozzi can accomplish a statewide property tax reduction, when he has increased County property taxes by 33% over 7 years

Anonymous said...

And where does it ay Mejias raised taxes????
It doesn't.
At all.
Mejias has not voted for tax increases.
Is this all the King campaign has?
Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Mejias supports Suozzi on everything. Why is he not denouncing this tax hike?

Anonymous said...

So any word yet on those polls Johnny? Hey Tim if you have any to share, we're dying to know. Oh yeah, but according to your logic polls do not matter.