Friday, September 15, 2006

Have You Had Enough of Peter King?

Have You Had Enough

WRITTEN BY: Tom Maxwell
PERFORMED BY: Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Maxwell & Ken Mosher, & Dave Roof on trumpet
ENGINEERED AND PRODUCED BY: Tom Maxwell & Ken Mosher at Kensway Studios in Pittsboro, NC
and Andy Paley with Jake Posner at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank
MIXED BY: Tom Maxwell & Ken Mosher
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Anonymous said...

Cute but will have ZERO effectiveness in his idiots want to defeat King, don't do it with raising liberal positions (i.e. wiretaps or his environ record) because while it may play well in Northern California, you are addressing a blue collar Republican constituency on Long Island. get it?

Anonymous said...

Enviromental issues are very important to LI voters and so are civil liberties.