Friday, September 08, 2006

King Opens His Campaign Office

King's 2006 camapign office popped up in N. Massapequa this week with little fanfare. The location, 944 N. Broadway was a gym until recently.
King opens an office every year and each year it lies empty except for a collection of signs. No active staff could be found in his 2004 office on Jerusalem Avenue or in 2002 on Merrick Road.

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In the window is a picture of King with Rudy Guiliani.
Is this supposed to impress us?
Guiliani as the truth is slowly being released, was an utter failure on security matters for NYC leading up to 9/11.

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Anonymous said...

I know you guys got excited when Cook changed his ranking from solid rebulican to likely republican. So I figured I'd bring you back down to earth with this from Congressional Quarterly Politcs which says NY-03 is safe Republican.