Monday, May 28, 2007

And the Check is in the Mail

The Iraq funding bill compromise between the Democrats and Bush has $1Billion less for Homeland Security.

From Newsday:
Rep. Steve Isreal says
"What's going on is the Bush administration has a reckless disregard for the homeland security needs of New York... The president did not ask for a single penny for homeland security ... it was the Democrats who sent him a bill that had adequate levels for homeland security. He vetoed our bill. And he has threatened to veto the bill a second time."

Deputy Secretary for Public Security Mike Balboni says "These reductions add up to a billion dollars of missed opportunities to invest in a variety of crucial security programs... Continued support is essential in order to encourage states and localities to believe in a partnership with Washington and make their own investments in homeland security."

"Israel said the compromise still boosts homeland security funding. "Would I have preferred more than that?" he said. "Yes. But the administration said they'd veto it and we'd end up with zero."

Peter King...
"said he expected Congress to allocate more security funds as part of its regular budget process."

And the check is in the mail.

Why doesn't Bush want more Homeland Security funds and why does King stick up for Bush?

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