Friday, May 18, 2007

King Takes Tumble on Long Island Press Power List

Each year, the Long Island Press prints as "Power List" of influential Long Islanders. This year many republicans have taken a fall down the ladder. King drops 22 places.

"27. Peter King

Last year #5"


make me ill-legal said...

I wish Peter King was in SC. Senator Graham has fleeced SC. Maybe we could swap the two? Peter King is the best thing in NY since hmmmmmmm..... Fly in elected Senators? Who would that be? Stand firm Congressman! I served twenty years in the military and I can't afford insurance or education for my family and the "ILL-Legals" get it free....Where do you people think the money comes from to pat all the free services? the tax base revenue. People this is not rocket science look at the numbers. New Yorkers (a former one I am) should have Peter King day! this man is light years ahead of his time and is doing the morally right thing. The "Ill-leagal Immigration " Bill is a cry for the Ill-legal votes! the senators of New York should have a vote of confidence held on them! If they likte the plan so much they need to come down where the little "normal" people live and try out our lifestyle for a week. Your senators are so out of touch from the average New Yorker. That is why I moved from New York. How could you elect a clinton from Arkansas? Unbelievable. Stand your ground Peter King you are well appreciated all over the country. It is a shame New Yorkers have to ridicule you. Maybe in ten or fifteen years from now they will speak your name in Spanish. God Bless you Peter King.

Tim J said...

Hillary Clinton's views on the immigration bill were quite clear before last year's election and she won by 36. If anyone is out of touch with the people they represent its Peter King. Talking about how NY'ers can elect Clinton. You live in a state which elected Strom thurmond and more recently elected Jim Demint someone who believes unwed pregnant women and homosexuals should be allowed to teach no matter how qualified they are. Speak of backwards, well I guess King would fit well down there. For the record I'm not supporting Clinton in the Primary in 08, though I would vote for her in the General if she wins the Primary