Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And....... Corrigan is Out!

The first announced challenger to King in '08, independent candidate Bill Corrigan of Massapequa is out. We first told you about Bill Corrigan a few months ago.
The story of Corrigan running was picked up by Newsday and then the Massapequa Post He was mentioned on The Politicker and he even started a thread over at Urban Elephants.
Corrigan started the 'Long Island Party' and according to his website began polling and reaching out in the district.
And now.... Nothing.
Corrigans blog content about his run is all gone and the 'Long Island Party' blog is now empty.
His name was on Race Tracker 2008 and that is gone too.
No announcement or reason for dropping out so completely was given.
The last post we saw was Corrigan saying he likes King and voted for King and agrees with King on issues. That didn't sound like an opponent.


Anonymous said...

Be careful that you publish only that which is true. Check you facts. Corrigan is still a candidate.

J said...

Everything regarding Corrigans run disappeared. From his own website to his partys website to race tracker.

Bill said...

Hi John!

I am still running.

I had hired a flack who swamped the net with positions based on what he thought people in our district wanted to hear. I feel that that kind of thing is disingenuous so I fired him and did indeed instruct him to remove whatever sites he established. Not only were there opinions that I didn’t agree with but positions that didn’t even make sense! He had me registered on all kind of sites. (If you or your readers want authentic info on me you can see it at

No other blogs or parties or site represent me.

Best of luck with your run,