Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Day, Another Poll Shows King Losing Badly to Gillibrand

King can't seem to catch a break. In today's Siena Poll, Gillibrand crushes King like she did in the Marist poll a couple of days ago.
Siena poll conducted 1/25-1/27/09
Gillibrand 46%
King 23%
Gillibrand beats King in every age group and every ethnic background and both genders. The ONLY sub-section besides republican party King wins is "suburbs" but that is a close 38%-33%.

Worse yet, if their were a Republican primary for the Senate race in 2010, republicans prefer Giuliani over King 69% - 16%

Chances of King actually running: 30%


Anonymous said...

King wins in a Dem leaning county. Once he becomes known, and people see more and more of Paterson and Gillibrand, you will be watching the Junior Senator from New York.

Breitling Replica Watches said...

Well i think that Gilibrand wins. My vote is with him.