Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Homeland Security Committee Part Deux

Just a reminder to those who think King has a clue...
This post is from March of 2004. Nothing has changed since then and King still clings to his uneducated remarks.

Spanish Appeasement or is King an Idiot?
King is an idiot. Plain and simple. King tells
NRO "The defeat of Aznar's Popular party was a clear victory for the terrorists. Unfortunately, in the face of attack, the Spanish electorate opted for appeasement." That FACT is that unlike King, Spaniards know the difference between a war on terror and the Bush-Iraq War. The Spanish people support the war on terrorism but they do not support the Bush-Iraq War with polling showing 90% against the Bush-Iraq War. The Aznar government was on shaky ground back in March of 2003 and the election this year bore out the opposition to Spanish involvement in the Bush-Iraq war.
When it comes to an actual war on terror, a war Spain has been fighting for over 40 years with ETA, the new Prime Minister has committed to doubling their forces in Afghanistan.
What exaserbated the voters anger at Aznar was his governments insistance against all available evidence that the Madrid train bombings (M-11) were planned and executed by ETA.King's lack of basic knowledge of world affairs is frightening and sad because too often he is called by news organizations to comment on things he simply does not know about.

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Joshua Trupin said...

It seems simple to me. "Appeasement" doesn't make you safer from terrorist attacks. As we saw in London, "non-appeasement" doesn't make you safer either. Staying under the US's wing doesn't provide more protection, and the US has shown (at G8) that loyalty to us means nothing in return.

We need a Homeland Security committee head who understands all of this, and who is above the partisan attacks in which King revels.