Tuesday, July 26, 2005

King and Karl Pt. 1

Over a year ago we covered the CIA Agent Valerie Plame outing by the Bush administration. At that time King was making some pretty stupid remarks like he is doing now.
We reported that King was saying Ambassador Joe Wilson should be investigated for his exposing of Bush's WMD lies. King said "I assume that if he went into this job for the CIA, he had to sign an oath of secrecy - a confidentiality [agreement]" And if he did, then he violated it and he should be prosecuted."
Now we all know what happens when you "assume." King was wrong as usual and there was no confidentiality agreement.
Ambassador Wilson responded to King's wacky and increasingly unstable remarks by saying "No. This was not a CIA mission. Mr. King would do well to inform himself. I specifically told the CIA that I don't do clandestine and that I would do a government activity. I briefed the State Department before I went out there, I secured the clearance of the ambassador before I went to Niger. I spoke with the ambassador here when I went there. I made it clear to my interlocutors that I was posing questions on behalf of my government. My particular look at this was not clandestine, it was a look at how the industry operates."

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