Wednesday, July 27, 2005

King and Karl: Loving a Traitor

King is absolutely unbelievable. (Yup, I've finally gotten to his most recent comments)
On MSNBC's Scarborough Country discussing the treason of Bush advisor Karl Rove, King said "And I think people like Tim Russert [host of NBC's "Meet the Press"] and the others who gave this guy such a free ride, and all the media, they're the ones to be shot, not Karl Rove,"

King even said "No, in fact, I think Karl Rove should get a medal, Joe. I really mean that."

So the media is helping expose the fact that Karl Rove committed treason by releasing the name of an undecover CIA agent deserves punishment. Karl Rove did nothing wrong and deserves a medal. The outing of Valerie Plame was political retribution against her husband Ambassador Joe Wilson who publiclly pointed out that what Bush was saying about Iraq and WMD's was false.
In King's world, it is Ambassador Wilson who should be investigated. The fact of the matter is that Wilson told the truth and his wife's life was put in danger.
And it was not just his wife's life. It was teh lives of any of her contacts and the Amercican people who she was working to protect. Valerie Plame was working on searching for rogue WMD's. Weapons that can be used against us. Her work is now destroyed.
King came under fire for his "shoot the media" comments but ran to Newsday to make cheap excuses "The congressman said he was making a literary allusion to Sophocles and Shakespeare about not shooting the messenger.
"Karl Rove is the messenger," King said. "He did nothing wrong in telling the truth that Joe Wilson's wife was in the CIA."

Hey King, Rove did EVERYTHING wrong. He outed an undercover CIA operative.

King makes the weakest and most laughable excuse "Joe Wilson listed his wife's name in his own bio. It was on—it was in his Web site. He listed his wife's name. So, it was no secret that she was his wife."

But Ambassador Wilson never said his wife was an undercover CIA agent. King is just grasping for straws here.

King further disgraced himself when he answered the following:

"SCARBOROUGH: If I were a Democratic senator, what I would say was, the last thing you want to do, because you keep talking about the fact we are at a time of war.

KING: Right.

SCARBOROUGH: The last thing you want to do at a time of war is reveal the identity of undercover CIA agents.

Joe Wilson, she recommended—his wife recommended him for this. He said the vice president recommended him. To me, she took it off the table. Once she allowed him to go ahead and say that, write his op-ed in “The New York Times,” to have Tim Russert give him a full hour on “Meet the Press,” saying that he was sent there as a representative of the vice president, when she knew, she knew herself that she was the one that recommended him for it, she allowed that lie to go forward involving the vice president of the United States, the president of the United States, then to me she should be the last one in the world who has any right to complain."

Again King says it is alright to destroy years of intelligence work for retribution. What Rove did was illegal and King defending him makes King a defender of treason.

King keeps digging a hole by saying "KING: Let's at least stand by the guy (Rove). He was trying to set the record straight for historical purposes and to save American lives. And if Joe Wilson's wife was that upset, she should have come out and said that her husband was a liar, when he was."

Rove was trying to "save american lives" by destrying the work of an agent who is searching for rogue WMD's?????

What is coming out now is that Rove LIED to the special prosecutor Fitzgerald and might be facing more charges. A medal indeed.

This whole incident leads to one inescapable conclusion; King is increasingly unstable and should retire. Add this to his other extremist tirades and weird outbursts and we have a pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Peter King! Your comments to Chris Mathews was right on the money. I wish more congressmen had the nerve you had last night. Keep it up...