Thursday, June 29, 2006

Getting No Love

Here's a letter to the Glen Cove Record-Pilot newspaper from what seems to be a now former King voter. There are more and more of them as we get closer to November.

"Will Take New York Times Over Peter King

For years I have voted to re-elect Peter King and keep sending him back to Congress. Party affiliation has never been an issue for me. I believed Mr. King was an intelligent, thoughtful representative, and I appreciated the fact that he had attained a stature in Congress which benefited our congressional district.

Now, I think Mr. King has literally lost his marbles. Yesterday, I viewed several news reports highlighting the fact that Mr. King had called for the criminal investigation of the New York Times, because it, along with other papers, including the conservative Wall Street Journal, had reported on a government program involving banking transactions. It certainly seems odd that Mr. King, while terming the Times article and act of treason, did not call for any criminal investigation of the Wall Street Journal.

I fear that Mr. King has made a seriously bad judgment in his decision to buy into the transparently obvious Rove/Cheney/Bush strategy of declaring anyone a traitor, guilty of treason, who does not agree with the national government's continuing unconstitutional usurpation of power at the expense of our individual freedoms.

Who is Mr. King kidding here? He knows full well that the vast majority of the American public views the Republicans now in power as a bunch of incompetent "screw-ups" who got us into a war that very few people support. Now, in order to avoid accepting responsibility for what they've wrought, the administration, and unhappily the likes of Peter King, are on the warpath against the New York Times. They are calling anyone who questions their motives traitors, and they are making the astounding declaration that if you don't support these wholly unqualified politician boobs in their handling of our nation's affairs, that somehow means that you don't support our troops. Shame on all of them and shame on Mr. King in particular.

I dare say that if there are people to be charged with not supporting our troops, maybe, just maybe, it's the buffoons who sent these young men and women into harm's way with no plan to protect them. It's not a matter of whether you support this war or not, but a matter of putting people in charge who, by most accounts, have never been successful at anything except getting elected to public office. It's time for them to go.

As just one voter among millions, I'm quite aware that my vote might not have much of an effect. However, I am equally aware that if I don't vote against Mr. King in the upcoming election, it will guarantee that I'll have no impact at all. So, I'm going down to the polls in November to let Mr. King know that I intend to be reading the New York Times long after he's left office, and that I'm more likely to continue believing what's in that newspaper than I will believe the gibberish that these politicians from Washington feed us as if we're raving idiots. Perhaps they should take a harder look in the mirror if they're looking for fools.

Michael A. Levy"


And from the Long Island Press section "The Target."

PETER KING—OFF TARGET Wants journalists "shot." Damn. We
wanted to be around to see Legis. Dave Mejias kick his ass in November.

Before King and scream about the "LIBERAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!" with this one, the owner and publisher is a republican who ran for mayor in Glen Cove in 2003 and the paper is a frequent critic of Kings suposed arch-enemy Newsday.


Anonymous said...

Thank God that the people of Long Island may finalls see that Peter King is nothing more then Rubber Stamp. Rubber Stamp King.

Anonymous said...

Peter Peter Peter - time to go. Go do your commentary on the Facist News Channel (aka Fox "News" - fair and balanced commentary). Happy 4th - go Dave Mejias!!!!!