Thursday, June 01, 2006

King Powerless as New York Loses Anti-Terror Funds

King likes to make a big deal that he is the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Other then him getting his name mentioned more often and being interviewed on TV more, King has been incredibly useless.
Today comes word that the Homeland Security department is CUTTING funds to New York by 40% in order to increase funds to Atlanta and Omaha.
NYC mayor Bloomberg says "When you stop a terrorist, they have a map of New York City in their pocket. They don't have a map of any of the other 46 places or 45 places [that get funding],"
King is upset too. I would be upset if as Homeland Security Chairman funding for Homeland Security is cut in my own backyard. King tells the NY Daily News "This is a knife in the back... As far as I'm concerned, the Department of Homeland Security has declared war on New York."
And where exactly is Kings "clout" to do more for the area?
Apparantly non-existant.
Now if funding is restored, King had best not try to take credit for it. It should have been up to King to make sure the cut never happend in the first place.
And if King thinks he can run his re-election on being Homeland Security Commitee Chairman, he can think again. Having a title but being powerless and completely useless for your area isn't something to run on.
King tells Associated Press "It's a knife in the back to New York and I'm going to do everything I can to make them very sorry they made this decision."
Maybe he should have tried to do everything he could to stop the cuts in the first place. It looks like "everything I can" isn't very much.

UPDATE: John @ has a post up about King.

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Lynn Green said...

Good luck with getting this sack of spoiled meat out of office.