Saturday, June 03, 2006

Powerless Peter is a Hypocrite

King opponent Dave Mejias went after King for his ties to Bush and Kings powerlessness when it comes to anti-terror funding.
Mejias says "Bush has declared war on New York, but Peter King, who has said he thanks God every day that Bush is in the White House, turns out to be one of his generals.
...he's (King) voted 'No' when it comes time to put our money where his mouth is."
"He's either ineffective, irrelevant, or just plain asleep at the switch,"

King responds "It's really sad that candidate Mejias is using a life and death issue for the state for petty partisan purposes when every New York member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, is standing together on this issue."

Really Peter? It's "sad" use Homeland Security issues "for petty partisan purposes?"

From Peter King himself
as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee"Let's not forget, a number of Democrats have consistently voted against providing proper funding for the War on Terror and provisions important to our homeland security, such as the REAL ID Act. Many even voted against the creation of a Department of Homeland Security in the first place," he concluded. "they think a little partisan grandstanding is going to make up for being soft on this issue, they are mistaken. I hope that in the future they can choose to put politics aside and work with us in a bipartisan manner to make certain our homeland remains secure."

What a hypocrite.
And this isn't the only instance of King being a hypocrite.

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