Thursday, January 25, 2007

King Was a Miserable Failure as Commitee Chairman

The news that $22billion from the Department of Homeland Security went unaccounted for is bad enough but what King says NOW just takes the cake.
Commitee Chairman Bennie Thompson says "DHS is a department in sore need of congressional oversight," as he re-organizes the committee.
Where was this oversight under King?
Nowhere apparantly.
" Homeland Security ranking member Peter King, R-N.Y., agreed that Homeland Security Department was a candidate for "extensive oversight" and said he and other Republicans on the panel looked "forward to working with [Thompson] and cooperating whenever we can."
King admits his own failure to do the job as chairman.

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Anonymous said...

King has proven himself to sustain the charge that he is inept, he is anti-American child, he is nothing more than a Bush puppet when he not only did not vote for the child health bill, but that he did not vote.

How much more cowardly can a coward be?