Friday, January 05, 2007

Welcome to the Minority, Peter

Peter King once again joins the minority in congress and as expected he's just a big baby.
The new Democratic majority under Speaker Pelosi has an ambitious agenda to take care of the peoples business.
What does King have to say about the votes that will be coming up next week to implement the 9/11 commission recommendations?
He tells Newsday "To legislate all of this in one afternoon or one evening, when no one in the House will know the nuances, trivializes the importance of the issues,'
The "nuances" were brought up in commitee by Democrats but were shot down by King when he was chairman.
King tells AP "Homeland security is far too important an issue to play politics with, and any new homeland security measure should be given the review and oversight it deserves,"
We'll get to the whole "playing politics with" in another post because King is a major hypocrite on that.
While chairman, King dithered when it came to really securing our ports and voted against proposals to increase funding for ports.
King oddly opposed increased airport security.
Oddly because he is supposed to be tough.
But maybe not so oddly since airlines will have to increase their own security, costing them money. And it just so happens Kings daughter Erin King Sweeney is manager of legal and regulatory affairs for Swissair.

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