Monday, January 22, 2007

Kings Friend Hillary is Running for President

King once said "I've seen her walk into a room full of firemen on Long Island who really had no use for her, and by the end they're asking her for pictures with their children," said Long Island GOP Rep. Pete King.
"Probably a lot of Republicans would want Hillary, but I think they'd be making a mistake," he said, pointing out that Democrats licked their chops over Ronald Reagan in 1980."
The Clintons have the best political team in the country - they're like the government in exile," King said."

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1 comment:

JoanBasil said...

Hillary Clinton wins over those Republican firemen because she's a panderer; she'll say whatever they want to hear. But she's not going to be meeting 100 million people personally and stroking their egoes by asking about their kids. She can't even pander to everyone in King's district!

If she's up against a Republican with a telegenic personality - I'm thinking Romney - she'll lose 40 states and put the House in jeopardy. Lord, if the Democratic Party allows that to happen, we are going to just cry and cry and cry. What would you want to do to Hillary Clinton if that happens? I'd want her out of the Senate and put in some stockade where we could throw rotten fruit and vegetables at her.